A bit more personal
My no-fail stress control secrets
I love my life, but sometimes things get a bit crazy-busy as I try to fit in all my various passions, including treating my clients’ skin, running my facialist business, writing a book (I did it! French Complexion – a 210-page book about my skincare philosophy is soon to be released from the warehouse of [...]
Break up with skin breakouts
Having your skin break out can be really annoying and even distressing. Whether you are prone to getting the odd blemish or battling more serious acne flare-ups, you can improve and heal your skin. The likelihood of getting pimples is not only linked to our genes, age or skin s oil production, but also closely related to [...]
Eat more plants, people!
Every health expert on the planet will tell you that plant foods are essential for our health as they provide a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and enzymes – all working in synergy to boost our physical bodies. But I would add – and advocate – that eating fruits and vegetables positively influences [...]
Like most French women I don’t believe in classifying food as ‘good’ or bad” but prefer to have it all in moderation. So how does my French-inspired, typical daily food intake look like?…you may ask yourself. Here it is in pictures:            
The too busy woman’s guide to vibrant skin
Like all of our other organs, skin needs TLC! We cannot expect to have a radiant, youthful looking complexion without giving it a reasonable and consistent level of attention. But life gets so busy sometimes that it can be a challenge to find time for grooming and self-care. Long hours at work, juggling motherhood and [...]
A couple of years ago, an Australian TV station asked me if I would be willing to appear on one of their lifestyle shows called Coxy’s Big Break. They were working on a story that involved covering a selection of Melbourne businesses owned by people from different cultural backgrounds and I would be flying the [...]
Being a facialist is a big part of who I am – a major portion of my identity. I am fascinated by skin and absolutely passionate about my work. This is probably why most people know me as Christine Clais, The French Facialist. In this blog, I will try to describe my skincare work and [...]
A bit more personal
7 things I love most about living in Australia
As most of you know, I live ‘down under’ in Australia. I love this continent for many reasons including: 1 – The friendly nature of Australians Aussies have a very laid back nature, good sense of humour and are also very trusting of others. This makes meeting people very easy here in Oz. No [...]
The sky’s no limit for great skin: 10 tips from a flight attendant turned facialist
I’m a seasoned long distance flyer. My time in the skies has included regular Melbourne-Paris flights to visit family, international work trips and my ‘previous life’ as an Air France stewardess (before migrating to Australia in 1988). I have fond memories of this period in my life, but also recall the challenge of keeping my [...]
Skincare product testing: the method behind my madness
  Product testing is an important part of my role as a facialist: to be able to positively change skin, I need to have excellent knowledge of skincare products. By skincare products, I mean not only the ones that I choose to use professionally during treatments on my clients, but also the ones that I [...]