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My no-fail stress control secrets

I love my life, but sometimes things get a bit crazy-busy as I try to fit in all my various passions, including treating my clients’ skin, running my facialist business, writing a book (I did it! French Complexion – a 210-page book about my skincare philosophy is soon to be released from the warehouse of Penguin Random House Australia), blogging etc…all while trying to keep aside enough time and energy for a harmonious and happy private life. With age, I’ve got much better at handling stress and making life balance a priority, but sometimes I still fail…badly. But thankfully, when I feel my anxiety levels rising, I can always rely on my fave band-aid remedies that include the following.

Having a good belly laugh.

Laughter would have to be my favourite stress release method on earth. The best laughing trigger I know of is the Instagram account of Deliciouslystella. This girl takes the mickey out of the health and wellness industry and is absolutely hilarious! Here are a couple of her pictures that she has kindly agreed for me to repost:


Spending time with my dogs.

I love my dogs Lilly (Cavalier King Charles) and Marcel (Cavoodle). Having them in my life definitely encourages me to live in the present moment, no matter how busy I am and regardless of what is going on in my life. They are also a great excuse to go walking and spending time in nature – things that I enjoy very much. Aaah…the way they look at you, aren’t they irresistible?


Eat a piece (or two) of dark chocolate

What’s not to love about high quality dark chocolate? There is something magical about this little guilty pleasure. Each square takes you on a delightful sensory journey of changing texture and taste – from semi-hard to fondant and bitterness to sweetness, and feels like a celebratory treat to the tastebuds and brain. This brand is one of my great latest finds:


What are your stress control strategies?

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  • Raffaella
    Feb 28, 2016 (22:30)

    Definitely would agree, laughter, time with pets, spending time in nature and good chocolate are excellent ways to keep stress at bay! I would however, add baking to my list! It’s beneficial on multiple levels!

    • Christine Clais
      Mar 03, 2016 (20:16)

      Totally agree but I wish I was better at it!

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