Manifesto for Happy Skin

Paradoxically, the secret to having skin that we love must begin with accepting and respecting what we are and how we look, right now, regardless of the fact that there may be some aspects of our complexion that we might like to work on. We must start by loving our skin right now, no matter its current condition! Easier said than done? Here is my ‘Manifesto for happy skin’ to help you keep this in mind:

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Manifesto for Happy Skin

Today, I shall love my skin.

Today, I shall treat my skin with respect and kindness.

Today and every day.

Regardless of where I am or what I am doing.

As my skin hugs and protects me I shall hug and protect my skin back by attending to its needs, my body’s needs, my needs.



Cherish my skin unconditionally

As an extension of me.

As a part of me.

As me.

Today, I shall love my skin and radiate this love onto my world and the entire universe.


Moi (me) xx 


Manifesto as featured in my skincare book titled French Complexion, the secrets to beautiful skin at any age.
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