Happiness doesn’t come easy

Many self-help books urge you to throw all caution to the wind, trust the universe, get rid of your unwanted life and follow your calling which, they say, should easily manifest if you truly want it. Although I truly believe in the power of creative visualisation, I have always found this kind of advice rather simplistic and unhelpful at best.

Of course, I believe that we were all given life to express who we truly are and share our unique gift with others, but I also know (from experience) that, no matter how much we want to follow our own path and be happy, we cannot possibly successfully execute any positive life change without changing ourselves first. 

Creating a new reality for ourselves requires us to begin by modifying our belief systems and habits (Albert Einstein once famously described insanity as ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’). This takes time and effort…and, more often than not, some difficult life events too.

Indeed, changing the way we view ourselves can be a hazardous and painful journey. For me it took a series of traumatic life events – including moving to the other side of the world, going through a divorce and losing a child. But in hindsight, I now realise that these were all life lessons in disguise to paradoxically encourage me to live life to the fullest and take full responsibility for my own happiness. Happiness does comes from within.

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