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Mum’s wisdom for good skin and successful life
I’ve been reading a great book called Thrive by inspirational Arianna Huffington (co- founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post). In her latest bestseller, Huffington encourages readers to redefine their own notion and measures of success, so they’re not limited to being wealthy and powerful. For her, and an increasing number of people including some [...]
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Au Revoir Barbie, Bonjour Happiness
Have you ever met someone whom you strongly feel you were meant to meet? This is the feeling I have about Jessica Rodda. The two of us met by ‘chance’. She would never have booked herself in for a facial (wasn’t into them), but somehow won a voucher to my salon as a prize in [...]
Happiness doesn’t come easy
Many self-help books urge you to throw all caution to the wind, trust the universe, get rid of your unwanted life and follow your calling which, they say, should easily manifest if you truly want it. Although I truly believe in the power of creative visualisation, I have always found this kind of advice rather [...]
Revealed: seven skincare secrets of French women
I owe a lot of my take on health and beauty to my French background. I never truly realised this until deciding to write French Complexion, a book about my skincare philosophy (available online at Book Depository). When I started putting all I know about skin onto paper I began reflecting on the impact of French culture on [...]
Manifesto for Happy Skin
Paradoxically, the secret to having skin that we love must begin with accepting and respecting what we are and how we look, right now, regardless of the fact that there may be some aspects of our complexion that we might like to work on. We must start by loving our skin right now, no matter [...]
I am delighted to introduce you to Alexia Petsinis – the fabulously talented Australian artist who illustrated my new skincare book French Complexion (Penguin Books). I chose Alexia for her brilliant skills and strong sense of aesthetics and beauty. I had been following Alexia on Instagram (@alexiapetsinis) for a while and fallen in [...]
I did it! I wrote a book! French Complexion, the secrets to beautiful skin at any age (Penguin Random House Australia) is now off the press – available worldwide (with free shipping) via insert affiliate link and will hit the bookstores of Australia and New Zealand in late March. What initially drove me to write this [...]
1 – How to clean grease and grime If you want to have good-looking skin, you should cleanse your skin every day, full stop. Why? Because dirt, sweat and excess surface oil must be removed to reveal fresher, clearer skin. To do this, you need a good cleansing product that will gently remove the grime [...]
A bit more personal
Parlez-vous English?
I’ve always been immersed in the English language. Although I was born and raised in France where I lived till the age of 26 (before moving to Australia), my deep connection with the Anglo-Saxon world has been cemented by a series of life circumstances and events: As a child, I used to holiday in England [...]
A bit more personal
Solitude doesn’t need to be confining
Spending time on my own used to make me feel rather uneasy and depressed, but these days I actually crave solitude. Today, I would happily argue that moments of solitude are essential to our sense of wellbeing and happiness simply because: It helps us develop a strong sense of self-identity by giving us the mental space [...]