Life is precious – let’s plan it!
I like January. It’s summer here in Australia and the sunny weather is conducive to making you feel relaxed and cheerful. As this month also marks the beginning of a new year, it induces a sense of renewal and fresh hope for the future – making it the perfect time for life mapping and goal-setting. [...]
Good skin: the stress, spiritual and life-balance connection
Most of us lead excessively busy lives where ‘me time’ is a rare or non-existent commodity – a luxury. The thing is, our skin (and entire body for that matter) NEEDS life balance and some respite from the negative effects of prolonged stress. When we get stressed too often, our skin becomes chronically starved of [...]
A bit more personal
Random Facts About Me
I am slightly obsessed with anything to do with skin and skincare. I am French. I’m also known as The French Facialist. I also hold an Australian passport, so that makes me an Aussie too, although I don’t sound like one! I have two dogs: Marcel, a cavoodle; and Lily, a cavalier King Charles. I [...]