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Au Revoir Barbie, Bonjour Happiness

Have you ever met someone whom you strongly feel you were meant to meet? This is the feeling I have about Jessica Rodda. The two of us met by ‘chance’. She would never have booked herself in for a facial (wasn’t into them), but somehow won a voucher to my salon as a prize in a photographic competition. Jessica and I have a strong connection. We cannot really explain why since we hardly know each other. I love Jessica’s love of life, creativity, kind-hearted nature and above all, her openness and honesty.

Jessica publishes regular posts on Instagram (@femininedelight) in which she documents her own journey of personal development. Her messages are raw and thought-provoking.

This is one of my favourite ones that I am sure all lot of you will relate to. Over to you Jessica…


“Letting go Day 2/100: Body image bullshit.

Barbie you are seriously gorgeous!

Yet for so many women, myself included (until today), your gorgeous simplicity and picture-perfect body image reflect a painful and confused maelstrom of my own journey with my body.

Barbie and I have had a rocky relationship over the years. In school, she was always the perfect girl I ignored. I was too cool for that. No dolls for me. Yet secretly, there was always that little part of myself that looked out of the corner of my eye, took in her perfect breasts, thighs and waist, Ken’s day-dream eyes and subconsciously imprinted a fairy tale fantasy of femininity.

I did enjoy chopping her hair off on a few occasions. My apologies for taking it personally… Move forward a few decades, add in a few disastrous relationships with food, fads, fashion and men. A lovingly perfect husband and two children and I see that the fairy tale feelings are still there.

Only now, I also see a different picture.

I see the flower of womanhood that Barbie is unable to reach; I smell the scent of self-belief, Barbie only hints at; and I embrace the full-bodied pleasure-filled wholeness of womanhood – while Barbie, the gorgeous forever 14-year-old, trapped in the moment is forever only able to suggest. So, here and now, in this moment, today, I let it go. I let go of wanting to be a budding bloom of femininity and embrace the whole bodied flower of womanhood and her oh, so sweet scent.

Barbie, with love. Light, peace and happiness, I thank you and I let you go… #100daysoflettinggo #100dayproject #the100dayproject”

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