My name is Christine Clais.

I am a French-born facialist, blogger and soon-to-be published author, with over 20 years of experience in the beauty and wellness industry. I currently live in Melbourne, Australia, where I treat private clients at my facialist studio, nestled on the sunny side of Commercial Road, Prahran.

The idea to create a blog began as a way to share my skincare knowledge and philosophy with a wider audience beyond my clients.

My skincare approach is simple: to look healthier and younger, treat your skin as a living organ within its own ecosystem. This means that you must always consider your entire self, your general state of health, your wellbeing and your lifestyle (and not just what you apply on your skin).

This is why this blog is not just another skincare blog full of product reviews. It is more about fostering the concept of feeling good in your skin, in the broader sense of the word (or “être bien dans sa peau” as we say in French).

This blog is about sharing wisdom for a happy YOU.

Happy reading!