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7 things I love most about living in Australia

As most of you know, I live ‘down under’ in Australia. I love this continent for many reasons including:

1 – The friendly nature of Australians

Aussies have a very laid back nature, good sense of humour and are also very trusting of others. This makes meeting people very easy here in Oz. No room for elitism here, you can easily be friends with anybody here no matter where they come from.

2 – Melbourne athewma athewma - melboure
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I am lucky to be living in Melbourne – such an amazing city. No wonder it has been voted the world’s most
liveable city for the past five years. I particular love its beautiful parks, cosmopolitan food and coffee culture, and hidden laneways and arcades.

3 – The concept of ‘fair go’

In Australia, everybody is given a chance to succeed. It does not matter where you were born or what socioeconomic background you come from. If you work hard, there is no reason why you can’t succeed here.

4 –The size of the land

Australia is a huge continent (17 times the size of France!). The enormity of its land and relatively small number of its inhabitants (a little under 24,000,000) create an incredible sense of space and freedom that I have never felt anywhere else in the world.

5 – The Australia slang

Australians use funny colloquial expressions that are very colourful, such as: ‘She’ll be
right’ (things will be ok); ‘Sick as a dog’ (very unwell); ‘Spitting the dummy’ (getting angry); and “She is a bit rough around the edges” (she is not very refined). So expressive!

6 –  The wildlife

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The Australian bush is populated with unique and amazing native animals, some very scary (aah… those spiders and snakes!) and others are very lovely too. I particularly love koalas, wallabies and quokkas. Trop mignons (which means ‘too cute’ in French).

7 – Multiculturalism

Australia is a real success story for multiculturalism. More than 200 languages and dialects are spoken here, down under. This rich and diverse cultural mix makes for a wonderfully open-minded and tolerant society.

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