1 – How to clean grease and grime

If you want to have good-looking skin, you should cleanse your skin every day, full stop. Why? Because dirt, sweat and excess surface oil must be removed to reveal fresher, clearer skin. To do this, you need a good cleansing product that will gently remove the grime without stripping your skin (no concrete cleaner needed). For a foaming cleanser that fits the bill, try Skin Juice Man Brew Cleanser (available at selected facialist salons or online at Skin Juice).

2 – How to protect your surface

Your skin is a protective organ that partially shields you from dehydration, infection and some of the UV damage caused by the sun. The problem is that a lot of lifestyle factors (such as excessive exposure to the elements, stress, smoking, drinking, etc) can hinder this protective role. Hence, men need extra protection in the form of a light and shine-free moisturising product, such as Skin Juice Man Brew Moisturiser  (available at selected facialist salons or online at Skin Juice).

3 – How to polish old bricks

Think of your skin as a brick wall formed by your epidermal cells (the ‘bricks’) and epidermal oils (the ‘mortar’). Since your skin constantly regenerates (it produces new layers of new bricks every day), dead skin cells (old bricks) build up, clogging your pores and causing pesky blackheads, pimples and ingrown hairs. This is why you need to exfoliate your face once a week with a scrub. Guys, please remember that you don’t need to aggressively rub your skin into oblivion – the key word is ‘gentle’ when it comes to exfoliation. Uskincare Bamboo Polish is an excellent performer that makes your skin nice and smooth (available at selected facialist salons or online at USPA).

4 – How to maximise sunproofing

Considering prolonged and unprotected exposure to UV radiation is responsible for the worst visible signs of ageing – eventually making you look much older than your actual age – as well as the risk of skin cancer, it’s a no-brainer that sun protection should be on your top priority list (especially if your work or hobbies are outdoors). Nowadays there are lots of very good sunscreens on the market. One of my favourites is La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Fluid (available at Priceline stores and selected chemists or online at Priceline). No ghostly-white finish guaranteed!

5 – How to propagate well

You can regenerate your own skin by following a balanced diet packed with nutritious foods. The Australian Department of Health and Ageing recommends eating a healthy diet that includes vegetables, fruits, wholegrain carbs, lean meat and dairy products (mainly reduced fat) while limiting your intake of sugar, salt, saturated fats and alcohol. Remember, if it’s good for your body, it’s good for your skin! For more information about the Australian Dietary Guidelines, go to Eat For Health.

So let’s recap:

1 – cleanse

2 – moisturise

3 – use a sunscreen

4 – exfoliate

5 – eat well.

Here are the secrets to top-notch skin! Easy as!

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